So what happens the day of the show?

Please bring your children by 5:30pm and no later than 5:45pm on Thursday 6/6. You must bring them to the backstage door (you have to drive around the theater and you will see the backstage door. There is a parking lot in the back of the theatre, you will see a sign that says THEATRE PARKING (parking is free). If there is any confusion, there will be parking attendants to help direct you as well.  As per the Queens Theatre policy, only performers are allowed in from this back stage entrance - one of our staff will be there to take the children downstairs to the dressing rooms/backstage area. The lobby area opens at 5:30 pm (there is a concession stand & raffles - we have tons of fun prizes!) and the house opens at 6:00pm for guests to be seated. If anyone would like to purchase additional tickets, we will have tickets available at the door if there are any available.

Why do I have to buy tickets to the show?

The cost of producing a show and renting the venue is very high but it is an essential part of our program as it is the culmination of the dancers’ hard work through the year. Because every family has a different number of people in attendance we don’t feel it would be fair to build the cost of recital into tuition by distributing it evenly across all students.

When can I purchase tickets?

Tickets will go on sale online on April 1 at 9:00am. Tickets will be on sale until the night before the performance. Tickets will also be sold at the door, if available.